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Metallised Effect konci

Metallised Effect konci
MADEIRA Metallised Effect Threads
Metallic No. 40

Unique and a worldwide leader in the production of highly developed metallised effect threads, MADEIRA offers Metallic No. 40, in four different styles and finishes. Each type produces an individual effect imparting spectacular visual appearance and brilliance to every embroidery design, all strong enough to use for decorative seams and all other kinds of sewing and quilting. The thread always runs smoothly even on high speed machines. Choose from four exclusive finishes.

Metallic No.40 Smooth = 75% polyester - 25% metallised polyester
Metallic No.40 Brilliant = 60% viscose - 40% metallised polyester
Metallic No.40 Sparkling = 70% polyamide - 30% metallised polyester
Metallic No.40 Soft = 80% viscose - 20% polyester metallised

Metallic No.40 is the perfect metallic thread professionals choose for their home sewing and embroidery machine. For best results we recommend the use of the MADEIRA Metallic (Art.No.9451) embroidery needle #90/14 and the fine MADEIRA underthread Bobbinfil No.70.


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