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Polyneon No.40, 400m

Polyneon No.40, 400m
Madeira Polyneon No.40
400 m (440 yds) Art.No.9845
100% polyester
Polyneon is your first choice when you need a resistant thread for embroideries on frequently washed textiles. A strong thread perfect for machine embroidery, quilting, decorative stitching and appliqué. Polyneon colours remain brilliant even after repeated exposure to sunlight, chlorine and washing and add a radiant burst of colour to sports and active wear. The durability and strength of Polyneon resist abrasion and make it the ideal thread for hotel linen as well as safety and workwear garments.
Polyenon is the perfect thread professionals choose for their home sewing and embroidery machine. For best results we recommend the use of the MADEIRA universal embroidery needle #80/12 (šifra 9450)and the fine MADEIRA underthread Bobbinfil No.70.


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