152450 Prym igle za kožu 130/705H-LL 80-100 Leather Prikaži uvećano

igle za kožu Prym 130/705H-LL mix 80-100 Leather_5 kom.


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igle Prym za kožu
130/705H-LL 80-100
pakiranje od 5 komada
debljine 80 x 2 komada
debljine 90 x 2 komada
debljine 100 x 1 komad

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kn 40,00 s PDV-om

šifra: 152450
igle Prym za kožu
130/705H-LL 80-100
pakiranje od 5 komada
debljine 80 x 2 komada
debljine 90 x 2 komada
debljine 100 x 1 komad

Leather processing on sewing machines is a
mong its special challenges – a professional
sewing machine needle is recommended here,
with which all light to heavy leather types can
be ideally sewn. The "Leather" sewing machine
needles meets all the strictest requirements,
since its specially shaped trocar tip easily cuts
material without damaging it. At the same time,
it consistently prevents the formation
of perforation seams. The needles are
made in premium quality, can be used in
any conventional household sewing machine,
and are suitable for processing with every
conventional thread. Five sewing machine
needles in thicknesses 80, 90, and 100 are
included in the assorted storage box.


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