Fray Check 22,5ml for prevents fraying


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Fray Check
for prevents fraying
sadržaj: 22,5ml

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Fray Check
for prevents fraying
Sadržaj: 22,5ml
  • Colourless liquid prevents fraying
  • For reinforcing and connecting fabric surfaces
  • Suitable for sealing open fabric edges
  • Practical dosing bottle
  • Contents: 22.5 ml
Fray stop is a colourless liquid that
prevents stressed areas; such as button holes,
seams, shirt collars, and cuffs; from fraying by
reinforcing the fibres.
When sewing the edges of curves,
Fray Check can be applied to the edge
of the curves, which are then conveniently
cut before turning and without fraying.
This sealing solution gives rolled seams
a stable finish.
It can even be use to provide a fray-free
seal to the edges of self-cut fabric motifs.
22.5 ml of fray stop are included in the
dosing bottle with the pipette-like opening.
Only after multiple washes can the effect
of the fibre-reinforcing liquid can
lightly subside.
This treatment can be repeated as
often as desired.

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