STALAK za KONCE - Cone and spool stand


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STALAK za veće
špule KONACA
visina 37cm
Cone and spool stand

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kn 120,00 s PDV-om

šifra: 611769
visina 37cm
Cone and spool stand
*mogu se postaviti konusne
špule sa većim namotajima,
npr. 5.000 i 10.000 metara 

  • Holder for larger spools and cones

  • Booms for guiding the thread maintaining the thread tension

  • Cast iron foot

  • Fixing rod and metal booms

  • Also suitable for use on overlock machines

Whoever works a lot with a sewing machine
also needs a lot of thread.
Large thread bobbins are often cone shaped
so that the thread unwinds cleanly even with
fast sewing and holds the roll firmly.
The Prym cone and spool stands consist of a cast
iron foot with a steel fixing rod for screwing and a
boom for guiding the thread.
In this way, with elaborate sewing you do not
always have to thread a new thread in the machine.
The Prym cone and spool stand ensures sufficient
supply and always maintains the
ideal tension of the thread.


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