PODLOGA za rezanje 30x45cm Prym Omnigrid Orange


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PRYM Omnigrid
boja: orange
podloga za rezanje
tkanine pomoću kružnog noža
30 x 45 cm / 11 x 17 inch
front printed with cm scale,
back with inch scale

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kn 180,00 s PDV-om

šifra: 611466

PRYM Omnigrid
PRYM 611466 Cutting Mat 30x45cm podloga za rezanje
tkanine pomoću kružnog noža
Korisni pribor šivanju PATCHWORK i QUILTING !
Specijalna podloga napravljena od gume u kombinaciji sa plastikom
koja se NE može rezanjem(sa kružnim nožem) prorezati/oštetiti.
Također omogučava skliskim materijalima bolje priljubljivanje uz podlogu.

Cutting mat ‘Omnigrid’ for rotary cutters
essential whenever you use rotary cutters; they are soft enough to protect
the blade and hard enough to prevent deep incisions;
Prym guarantees that the cutting mats are resistant to cracking and splitting
when they are used correctly
30 x 45 cm / 11 x 17 inch
front printed with cm scale,
back with inch scale

A beautiful, colourful supplement for the sewing station.
The cutting mat from the Omnigrid brand is ideally-suited for
precisely cutting fabrics and available in the fresh colours
of orange, pink, and bright green. This cutting mat is
double-sided and printed with helper lines and
measurement units – the front side with the cm scale,
the rear with the inch scale. English cutting patterns
can be conveniently made without calculations thanks
to the inch measurements. At the same time,
the cutting mat's sturdy, self-healing synthetic
material is so soft that the rotary cutter's blade is not damaged.

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