Prym KAI ŠKARE Professional 10cm super-fine embroidery scissors


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super-fine embroidery scissors
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Prym KAI PROFESSIONAL super-fine embroidery scissors  
ŠKARE 10cm
The very pointed, super-fine embroidery scissors from
the Professional line from KAI make it possible to cut right
up to the stitches with millimetre precision and they have
been made for fine embroidery and lace work,
such as Richelieu embroidery (white work embroidery)
or pulled thread work.
The extremely sharp, rust-proof stainless steel blade
s give the scissors very good cutting performance and
thanks to the generously-sized eyes in the handle sit
comfortably in the hand. Lightweight and delicate in design,
these scissors are also very sturdy top-quality tools,
which no work basket should be without.
Suitable for right-handers and left-handers!


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