ŠKARE 13,5cm KAI Professional zaobljen vrh-curved textile scissors


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Prym KAI Professional
curved textile scissors
i u vrhu tupe(zakrivljene)
krojačke škare 13,5cm
 -zakrivljene za tkaninu

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kn 130,00 s PDV-om

šifra: 611509

PRYM KAI Professional curved textile scissors
KROJAČKE ŠKARE 13,5cm zakrivljene
i u vrhu tupe(zaobljene) krojačke škare 13,5cm
- zakrivljene za tkaninu

The curved textile scissors from the Professional line from
the house of KAI are recommended for cutting out classic fabrics;
their chamfered blade point cuts only the topmost layer even
when there are several fabric layers.
The chamfered points prevent snagging, which might damage
the fabric or the embroidery. The textile scissors are also ideal for
cutting off threads in embroidery or sewing. Because of the precise
cut of the blades and because the mounted blades match perfectly,
the fabric is not crushed. Made from durable, extremely hard steel,
these KAI scissors are a reliable aid to cutting out fabric.

Tailor’s shears, soft handles;
for straight, clean cuts due to angled blades
Dressmaking scissors “Professional”, top quality
Whether jeans or linen, these scissors guarantee neat cuts
and precision with all types of material




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