Prym KAI ŠKARE 16,5cm Hobby Dressmaking scissors


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ŠKARE 16,5cm
Dressmaking scissors
crvena drška

Sewing scissors
plastic handles
with soft ring



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kn 130,00 s PDV-om

šifra: 610522

ŠKARE 16,5cm HOBBY Dressmaking scissors 
crvena drška

Sewing scissors
plastic handles with soft ring

Small, but handy: The dressmaking scissors from KAI ave been designed
for the creative hobby user. The scissors cut standard textiles effortlessly
and thanks to their sharp, narrow points are also suitable for cutting
embroidery threads and cord cleanly, unpicking seams and for fine
handicrafts. Convenient and easy to use: The plastic handle with soft
ring sits comfortably in the hand and its two-colour design makes
the scissors real eye-catchers for all dressmakers and tailors.
The dressmaking scissors for hobby users - indispensable for
successful sewing.



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