Prym KAI ŠKARE Professional 13cm embroidery and craft scissors


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ŠKARE 13cm
Embroidery/needlecraft scissors
PROFFESIONAL Stick-/Bastelscherre
“Professional”, top quality,soft handles

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ŠKARE 13cm (ukupne duljine)
Embroidery/needlecraft scissors
PROFFESIONAL Stick-/Bastelscherre
“Professional”, top quality, soft handles

Perfect for cutting a wide variety of material in embroidery and
craft work The KAI Professional embroidery and craft scissors
from Prym are truly versatile and all-purpose.
The sharp points pierce the material with ease and accuracy,
the high quality stainless steel blades cut with precision right
up to the point. The soft grip makes working with these
embroidery and craft scissors effortless, even when
working for long periods. Manufactured in high quality
stainless steel, with blades connected by a screw and
screw thread, the outstanding feature of these versatile
scissors is their long useful life.


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