brother PE-DESIGN Plus 2 - Lettering basic embroidery software


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brother PE-DESIGN Plus 2
- basic embroidery software
idealan za one koji rade
pretežno slova/pisma
• Auto-Punch-Funktion
• Stickrahmen bis zu einer Größe von 240 x 360 mm sind frei wählbar
• Fotostich
• 40 Alphabete
• Realistische Vorschau
• Datenimport aus 13 verschiedenen Formaten möglich
• Kompatibilität mit ScanNCut

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kn 2.990,00 s PDV-om

Brother PE-DESIGN Plus 2 - basic embroidery software
Product Code: PEDPLUS2XX1
- bazni PC program za manipulaciju vlastitih štik dizajna
i abecede
idealan za one koji rade pretežno slova/pisma

KUPITI PROGRAM brother PED DESIGN v10 ili v11
Download Free TRIAL version - functionality are limited

A new easy to use software system for
your embroidery machine -
PE-DESIGN PLUS 2 Embroidery Software gives you the power
to perform basic digitising and transform photos into embroidered
works of art through the PhotoStitch feature.
Create PES files to
embroider your projects,
PLUS, you can now export FCM cut files
to precision cut your appliqués with the ScanNCut Machine.

Change the size of your design while altering the number of stitches
for good quality, easily curve text around a design using the 40 fonts
supplied, create your own designs from clipart or family photos and more.

PE design Plus 2 is compatible with a huge number of embroidery
machine formats, you can take your family photos and turn
them into thread art instantly.

Advanced, user-friendly graphical interface makes using
PE Design Plus 2 as intuitive as using most popular computer-based programs:

  • Quickly identify program functions with intuitive icons
  • Customize favorite operations on the toolbar
  • Watch it sew on screen with the sewing simulator
  • Edit your embroidery while viewing a realistic image of it

New functions make PE Design Plus 2 even more powerful,
lets have a look at some of the additions over its predecessor:

This has been a much asked for function, now it is possible to import
vector images. Additional hoops have been added including border
hoops and the popular 100 x 300mm size. The software can now
work with multi-position hoops like the 130 x 300mm and 100 x 172mm sizes.
As well as regular font Brother have added 5 small fonts to
personalize your projects, each can be manipulated in a range of arcs,
now 3 extra font shaping tools have been added. 

I think the most welcome new function of me would be the ability to
manually digitize designs, new digitizing tools are available to allow
creating a design my hand using line and curve options.
Plus the software will automatically remove overlap, and individual
sections of a design can be highlighted and edited and needed,
its pretty exciting stuff for this entry level priced embroidery software.

Where the old software had basic automatic digitizing function built in,
this PE Design Plus 2 has advanced auto punch, photo stitch,
cross stitch wizards, and is ready to corroborate with Scan-n-cut. 

Enjoy these exceptional design and editing features:

  • Design library, with various designs and shapes including Rectangle, Circle, Heart and Star
  • Automatically convert an photo into embroidery with the PhotoStitch
  • Auto-Punch will automatically convert a image into an embroidery
  • Cross Stitch functions
  • Design stitch count is automatically recalculated when your design is resized
  • Scale, Rotate, Flip designs
  • Create custom hoop sizes - perfect for most brands of embroidery machines
  • Organize stitch files
  • 35 fonts included
  • 287 built in embroideries included
  • Print out your design templates

The options are endless for what can be achieved using
the new version 2 PED Plus software. You can download
embroidery designs form the Internet in any one of the
most popular embroidery machine formats, edit and add
lettering until its just the way you want. Then using a
USB memory stick, pop it in to your computer and save
your new design in Brother embroidery machine
format .pes (or Singer .xxx, Husqvarna .hus/.shv,
Janome .jef/.sew, Pfaff .vip/.pcs, Bernina .pes and
other universal formats dst , exp, csd)

When you ready pop the USB memory stick into any
one of the newer Brother embroidery machines and stitch away.
Simply save the newly created design onto a memory stick and
insert it into the machine. You dont need to have the machine
and the computer in the same room.

Compatible with all Brother embroidery machines.

USB dongle security.

35 Built-in fonts - Enables you to add lettering to your project
from one of the built-in fonts. Fonts can be scaled to the desired size.

Text transformations - Transform text into the shape you require.
Can be sewn filled or just the outline of the text can be sewn.

Stitch styles - Create designs and apply the stitch style
you require to any area of the design.

Combine designs - import many different design and text,
even curve lettering all in one hoop.

Region sewing styles - Choose from satin and fill stitch
to customise your design.

Realistic preview and print function - Preview or print
your design to show exactly how your design will be sewn,
showing stitch directions and any programmable fill stitches applied .

Stitch Simulator - like a video it shows how the design will
be sewn out on screen before you start stitching.

Embroidery hoop selection - Enables your to set the size
of the hoop you are embroidering. Supports large
embroidery design sizes.

File image import formats - Enables you to convert vector
images and a range of popular used image
formats .bmp, .tif, .jpg, .pcx, .wmf, .eps amoung others.

Import and export embroidery designs
in formats - .pes, .dst, .exp, .pcs, .hus, .vip, .shv, .jef, .sew, .csd, and .xxx.

Automatic punching wizard - Makes opening and
creating stitch data simple, quickly converts PC graphic
files to embroidery data.

Phot-Stitch - Turn your favorite photo into an embroidery design

Sewing order - Easily change the sewing order by dragging and
dropping the colour areas into position. 

Whats Included in the box:
PE Design Plus 2 digitizing software
USB dongle
Printed instruction book

PED2 Photostitch
PED2 fonts

 You can now use built-in basic digitising features to create more
personal embroidery designs -PED2 Editing
PED2 Editing capabilities
PED2 Merge
PED2 Built-in Designs

The new USB small dongle replaces the outdated card reader/writer system -PED2 Dongle
PED2 System requirementsBasis-Software zum Erstellen von Stickmustern

• Auto-Punch-Funktion
• Stickrahmen bis zu einer Größe von 240 x 360 mm sind frei wählbar
• Fotostich
• 40 Alphabete
• Realistische Vorschau
• Datenimport aus 13 verschiedenen Formaten möglich
• Kompatibilität mit ScanNCut
Das PE-Design Plus 2 ist eine neue Basis-Software
zum Erstellen von Stickmustern.
Mit der Brother PE-Design Plus 2 haben Sie jetzt auch die Möglichkeit,
Ihre Stickdateien in Schnittdateien umzuwandeln und
auf Ihren Schneideplotter zu übertragen,
denn das PE-Design Plus 2 ist kompatibel mit . 

Allgemeine Funktionen im Überblick: 

  • Foto-Stich
  • Grundfunktionen der Digitalisierung
  • Applikations-Assistent
  • Kompatibilität mit ScanNCut - Konvertieren Sie in Schnittdaten
  • Verbesserte Benutzeroberfläche
  • Auswahl der Rahmengröße bis 240 x 360 mm
  • Versatzrahmen-Funktion
  • Design-Bibliothek
  • 300+ Beispiel-Stickmuster
  • Datei-Import (.dst/.hus/.exp/.pcs/.vip/.sew/


  • Importieren eines Hintergrundbildes: 5 (.bmp/.tif/.jpg/.png/.gif)
  • fcm-Export ScanNCut
  • Vektorgrafik-Konvertierung
  • Stichsimulation
  • Layout & Editing


  • 40 einprogrammierte Schriften inklusive kleine Schriften
  • 5 kleine Schriften
  • Text transformieren: 5 Arten



  • Automatische Umwandlung in Stickmuster
  • Foto-Stich 1 (Komplexer Typ)
  • Foto-Stich 2 (Einfacher Typ)
  • Kreuzstich



  • Flächenstich: 5 Arten
  • Randnahtstich: 3 Arten

Formen zeichnen: 

  • Linie
  • Kurve
  • Rechteck
  • Kreis


  • Skalieren/Drehen/Spiegeln
  • Spiegelkopie
  • Versatzlinie
  • Einstellung Überlappen / Zusammenführen / Aussparung entfernen
  • Punktbearbeitung
  • Applikations-Assistent
  • Dichte der Stichmuster beibehalten


  • PE-Design Softwareschlüssel


  • IBM PC oder kompatibler Computer
  • Betriebssystem: Windows Vista® / Windows® 7 / 8.1 / 10
  • Prozessor: 1 GHz oder höher
  • Speicher: 512 MB (1 GB oder mehr empfohlen)
  • Freier Festplattenplatz: 300 MB
  • Monitor: XGA (1024 x 768), 16-bit-Farben oder besser
  • Anschlüsse: 2 freie USB-Anschlüsse
  • Internetzugang: Erforderlich zur Aktualisierung von PE-Design Plus 2


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