brother PE-DESIGN v11 Full option embroidery PC software


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PC program za
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BROTHER PE-Design v11

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kn 9.990,00 s PDV-om

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BROTHER PE-DESIGN v11 new 2019 version !!!!!!
embroidery software
služi za izradu vlastitih štik dizajna/kreacija

PE-Design 11 embroidery software includes new and
improved features such as the ability to specify
multiple sewing directions and the option
to convert stitch patterns to outline patterns.

• 130 built-in fonts
• Easy user interface
• New functions (chain stitches, net fill stitches, multiple stitch direction and more)
• Over 1000 built-in designs
• See design previews in Windows Explorer  
• Intelligent colour sort
• Enhanced photo stitch quality
• Enhanced Applique wizard
• Enhanced Split stitch tool


Try out the features and functions on the PE-Design 10 trial version.
PED10 -  TRIAL version - functionality are limited !

Discover the whole new world of embroidery!

Extend your creativity and open up a world of creative embroidery with our user-friendly software.


Enhanced user interface

Access the required functions from the menu list quickly and easily.


The key PE-Design functions

• Printing and stitching
• Mix gradients and colours
• Photostitch
• Cross stitch


New functions for more expressive embroidery

• Specify mulituple sewing directions
• Optimise sewing order
• Convert stitch patterns to outline patterns
• Split outline tool
• Chain stitch
• Net fill stitch, zigzag net fill stitch
• Past attibutes command
• Import design to layout editing from design centre as shape patterns
• Fabric selector
• EMF & SVG import
• Embroidered patch wizard


Expanded letter functions

• 120 integrated alphabets
• 10 small fonts 6mm or less
• Transform text
• Contour
• Monogram


Link (connecting) function for professional tasks

Embroidery designs can be sent from the computer to be embroidered on multiple embroidery machines. You can use the computer to select which embroidery machine should embroider which embroidery pattern and the relevant data can be transferred to the machine. During the embroidery process, a status monitoring function for each machine on the computer is possible. (The PR-1000 and PR-650 Ver. 2 of Brother can use the link function.)


Over 1000 built-in designs

Wide variety of embroidery designs included


Insert names

Simply by replacing text, e.g. a name, you can create a whole series of identical embroidery designs with pre-aligned text. (Allows a list of up to 500 names to be created.)


System requirements

• PC: IBM PC or compatible PC
• Operating system: Windows Vista®/Windows®7/Windows®8/8.1
• Processor: 1GHz or higher
• Main memory: 512MB (1GB or more recommended)
• Hard drive capacity: 300MB
• Monitor: XGA (1024x768), 16 bit colour or higher
• Port: 2 x USB
• Internet access required for upgrade


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