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Marker and ironing set, trouser pockets
Ravnala vel. S M L
za izradu džepova

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Ravnala vel. S M L za izradu džepova
Marking and Ironing set, trouser pockets
Markier- und Bügelset, Hosentaschen
3 markirne i 3 šablone za zapeglavanje, brzo
i jednostavno - u nekoliko koraka
uz pomoć markirnih i šablona za zapeglavanje
izradite vlastite džepe

  • Marking and ironing stencils for trouser pockets
  • 3 different sizes, S, M, L
  • Can be used a number of times
  • Easy ironing of seam allowances to the wrong side

The marking and ironing set for trouser pockets in the range of
sewing accessories from Prym contains a stencil set with three
different pocket sizes in S, M and L.
Trace the pocket on the material using the pattern marker and
a marking pen and cut it out. The matching ironing stencil allows
you to iron seams to the wrong side directly on the stencil.
All ironing stencils are made from heat-resistant material and t
herefore, they can be used for ironing up to setting 3,
without being damaged.
This allows you without great effort to iron the seam
allowances and then sew on the trouser pocket perfectly
and cleanly. The practical sewing utensils are, moreover,
very robust and can be used a number of times They can be
stored safely in their resealable packaging until
the next time they are needed.

3 Markier- und 3 Bügelschablonen Hosentaschen, schnell und
einfach - in wenigen Schritten mit Hilfe von Markier- und
Bügelschablonen; mehrfach verwendbar; Bügelschablone max.

Pockets for quick and easy Set up in just a few steps with
the help of Markier- Bügelschablone. mark and only through t
heir substance Ausschneiden. Markierschablone to further
lay the Bügelschablone to the cut of fabric and follow the instructions.
This Set contains Markier- and Bügelsets for
trouser pockets in size S, M, L. Box contents:
3 Markierschablonen 3 Bügelschablonen instructions on the templates

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