Kliješta za drukere Prym VARIO-bez alata


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Prym VARIO kliješta
sa alatom 
za bušenje rupa
od 3 i 4 mm promjera

* za drukere, nitne i rinčice(potreban alat)
* for riveting press fasteners,
eyelets, jeans buttons, rivets;
with piercing tools
for 3 and 4 mm Ø

Više detalja

kn 120,00 s PDV-om

Šifra: 390900

Prym VARIO kliješta za drukere
bez alata
+ alatom za bušenje rupa promjera
od 3 i 4 mm

* za drukere, nitne i rinčice
(potreban zaseban alat za svaki promjer i tip drukera)

Vario pliers

  • Pliers for convenient holes and rivets

  • Perfect processing and clean rivets for non-sew products

  • Punching holes with a diameter of 3 or 4 mm

  • With a separate optional adapter which is also suitable for ʹColor Snapsʹ

With the versatile Prym Vario pliers for non-sew
products, anorak press fasteners, jersey press
fasteners, sport and camping press fasteners,
jeans buttons, eyelets or rivets can easily be
attached to the required fabric or leather without
a needle or thread. The attached piercing tool
punches holes in the fabric with either a 3 or 4 mm
diameter (by turning the hole cone).
And also eyelet and press fastener rivets are no problem
with the quality pliers. Plastic inlets with grooves ensure
the tools are held securely. Very practical:
The attached tool part is used to
remove the piercing tools and also to hold the pliers
The attaching tools are not an integral part of the
VARIO pliers but can be found in the appropriate
eyelets and press fasteners packs.
Also suitable for ʹColor Snapsʹ, with an adapter
which has to be ordered separately.


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