Hand gauge Prym Love Pink ručno RAVNALO 4,5 x 23cm


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Prym LOVE Pink
ručno ravnalo
4,5 x 23cm
Hand gauge-
handy measuring tool;
practical when working
on the sewing machine

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Prym LOVE Pink ručno ravnalo 4,5 x 23cm
Hand gauge-handy measuring tool;
practical when working on the sewing machine 

  • Handy measuring tool in a variety of sizes
  • For use directly on the sewing machine
  • Made of flexible plastic
  • Marking aid for 90° angles
  • Notches make accurate marking possible.

Prym Love Handmaß 21cm

  • Abmessung: 4,5 x 23 cm, 21 cm Skala
  • Verkaufseinheit: Stück
  • Farbe: Pink
  • handliches Messwerkzeug
  • zur Arbeit an der Nähmaschine geeignet

The small hand gauges from Prym are very
suitable for working
directly with the sewing machine.
Made from flexible plastic,
they are light and at the same time sturdy.
On both sides
there is an absolutely precise centimetre scale with stitch
length control and aid for marking 90° angles.
The hand gauge is flexible and therefore clings
perfectly to the fabric and pattern for accurate
measurement and the notches make exact marking possible.
In sizes of 4 cm x 11.5 cm or 4.5 cm x 23 cm,
this useful accessory is an asset in every sewing basket.

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