Nova Bernina 3 serija

Nova Bernina 3 serija

1) stigla nova BERNINA 3 serija: BERNINA 330, 350, 380



serijski samo uz modele:  BERNINA 550QE, BERNINA 580, BERNINA 830

a uz doplatu se može naručiti uz modele: BERNINA aurora 450, BERNINA 530

How does the BSR work?

With the aid of technology, the BSR system reads (similar to a wireless mouse) the surface of the fabric under the presser foot. A sensor transfers information to the sewing machine as the material is moved. The sewing machine calculates the necessary sewing speed in order to sew consistent stitches according to the set stitch length.. A slower needle movement and motor speed is required if the material is moved slowly. A faster needle movement and motor speed is needed for faster fabric movement. In The BSR in tandem with the sewing machine, automatically adjusts to the sewer's speed for even and consistent stitching.