BERNINA stopica br.3 (5mm)


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BERNINA stopica br.3

za šivanje rupica (5mm)


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BERNINA stopica br.3 za šivanje rupica (5mm)

The fifth section of the BERNINA presser-feet online tutorial is about the buttonhole foot no. 3. The buttonhole foot lets you sew individual buttonholes with or without cording and in any desired length. This presser foot is also suitable for gathering, corded or elastic-corded smocking, inserting mini-piping and other decorative applications. The grooves on the sole provide sufficient space to accommodate the sewn beads, enabling smooth forward and reverse feeding when sewing buttonholes.

Buttonhole Foot (9mm) #3C

This foot is essentialy the same as Foot #3A. However it is wider to accommodate the 9mm stitch width of the 1630/200

  • Use this buttonhole foot whenever manual buttonholes are indicated such as for extra long or extra small buttonholes, or in difficult areas with uneven thicknesses of fabrics such as narrow collar stands
  • Use this foot to sew buttonholes with or without gimp
  • The sole of the foot has two grooves, which allow the fabric to move freely even as thread builds up to form the beads of the buttonhole. The guide between the grooves helps keep the beads of the buttonhole parallel, even when long buttonholes are sewn
  • The slight indentation in the front of the foot allows the free passage of the thread as the stitching reverses to complete the buttonhole
  • The center "toe" (prong) in the front of the foot can be used to hook gimp or cord. It is used for corded buttonholes, gathering with cord or sewing shirring elastic.
  • This foot can also be used for whip-and-roll edges in fine fabrics like batiste (Swiss edge)





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