BERNINA stopica br.10c (9mm)


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BERNINA stopica br.10C (9mm)


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BERNINA Edgestitch Foot #10

The guide of the foot is a great help when stitching along edges, ensuring parallel rows of stitching. With this foot it's a cinch to sew on pockets, ribbons and lace, topstitch collars or embellish and reinforce hems. The presser foot comes as standard foot for stitch widths of up to 5.5mm and as foot no. 10C for machines with stitch widths of up to 9mm. Please note: Edgestitch foot no. 10D is available for BERNINA machines with the new BERNINA Dual Feed.

One of the most versatile feet made by BERNINA, #10 is use by many on every sewing project. This foot is designed to allow perfectly placed stitches along edges and seams. Use it for any form of stitching where a straight guide is required.

  • Edge stitching with all needle positions
  • edge stitching on hems
  • tucks
  • fine edging (with or without cord)
  • decorative edges
  • sewing on lace and ribbon
  • stitching-in-the-ditch
  • The guide (blade) in the front of the foot serves as a reference when stitching along an edge. The guide on Foot #10 is shorter than that of Blindhem Foot #5, allowing greater maneuverability when stitching curved edges and providing more stability on lightweight fabrics
  • Owners of 9mm rotary models 1630 and 180 should consider using Foot #10C (9mm), which will better match the wider feed dog on these models.

Note: The new BERNINA dual feed may only be used in conjunction with "D" presser feet!





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